The Problem


The sovereign authority of state government having knowingly and willfully breached the constitution of the state of Montana which they swore an oath to serve and protect by the passage of MCA 39-71-411 and 30-10-305 . These unlawful statutes which grant the “ruling class” executive rights, privileges, and protections NOT afforded the People are discriminatory and engineered to bind or enslave We The People.  These provisions in the MCA are by design unjust, abusive, obstructive, and usurp the very spirit and letter of the Constitutions both federal and state, with regards to the rights and laws, that ALL people in every other state enjoy.  Furthermore, they are set to force servitude and enslave the people of Montana.



The W.R. Grace Protection Act, aka, MCA 39-71-411 has prevented the Constitutional protections of over 10,000 employees who suffered wrongful death and injury in Montana. I have suffered the same travesty of justice through negligence of my employer, because of the protections afforded in this deadly Provision.  MCA 39-71-411 is a protection contract, Pay-To-Play contract with Montana employers to NOT be held liable no matter how serious the workplace injury or death may be. This is a permission slip to treat employees as slaves or worse chattel. We are talking about “free” people not inanimate objects or robots, flesh and blood people treated as cattle on the day of slaughter, 10,000 injuries or deaths attest to this fact.

MCA 39-71-411 has resulted in Montana being #1 in Worker Compensation costs in the nation, #1 in workplace deaths of employees, and #2 in workplace injuries in the nation. For the sake of the dead and injured alone, this Provision must be determined either Constitutional or Unconstitutional. The Petitioner and all survivors demand it!  MCA 39-71-411 in its enforcement makes void OSHA laws, the Workers Compensation act and policies. It violates the U.S. Constitution and Montana State Constitution, and violates the very system and principles that this nation was founded on – “Liberty and Justice for ALL.”


THE TEXT OF MCA 39-71-411

Provisions of chapter exclusive remedy — nonliability of insured employer. For all employments covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act or for which an election has been made for coverage under this chapter, the provisions of this chapter are exclusive. Except as provided in part 5 of this chapter for uninsured employers and except as otherwise provided in the Workers’ Compensation Act, an employer is not subject to any liability whatever for the death of or personal injury to an employee covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act or for any claims for contribution or indemnity asserted by a third person from whom damages are sought on account of the injuries or death. The Workers’ Compensation Act binds the employee and, in case of death, binds the employee’s personal representative and all persons having any right or claim to compensation for the employee’s injury or death, as well as the employer and the servants and employees of the employer and those conducting the employer’s business during liquidation, bankruptcy, or insolvency.



As of July 1, 2017 We Can No Longer Use the Courts without Government Consent

“If” the People are no longer allowed to file a “complaint” without first seeking the consent of authority, or be subject to fine and penalty, then We The People have no more rights! Thus we must Unite once again and throw off these obnoxious sovereign leaders posing as authority under constitutional law. Imposters that are being revealed by their own handiwork in office. We The People have the God-given RIGHT to set anew, those governments most expedient to Constitutional Laws both federally and statewide. We owe this to our prosperity, for the sake of America!



This is a call, not to anarchy that is prevalent worldwide, but a sacred “Call to Duty” expressly GIFTED to ALL Americans of which 50 States, formerly UNITED as ONE Nation UNDER GOD, have a sacred DUTY to the Founders to “Preserve and Protect” through the PEN or by use of Arms afforded in the Second Amendment to The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution and the State of Montana Constitution in the Declaration of Rights through the PEN or by use of Arms afforded in the Second Amendment to The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution and the State of Montana Constitution in the Declaration of Rights, Section 12. We The People, still have the POWER to Self-Govern, We just forgot how to use it. The Founding Fathers built a Protection in the Declaration of Independence and it is still available for us to use.